Terms and Conditions

By using this website you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as listed below, if you have any questions, please contact us using the CONTACT PAGE

You also agree to the Privacy Policy that we have in place. Using and ordering through JG Renewables is taken as consent for us to collect and use your data as provided to us to complete your orders. We may share your personal information with our suppliers, service providers and other contractors to fulfil orders you place with us and to provide the services you request. By ordering with us you agree that we may share your details with these service providers, so that your order can be managed appropriately.


We accept payments by all major debit and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express) electronically when you complete your order on our website and enter card details. All payments by credit or debit cards will be processed by our payment services provider Stripe.

We can also accept payments by Pay Pal, which include PayPal payments or use of credit and debit cards through this payment system. If you prefer one of these payment methods please contact us by email for details. SUPPORT@JGRENEWABLES.COM

For security reasons, details of debit or credit cards are never stored in our systems.


We and our suppliers take great care when packaging items. Use bubble wrap, polystyrene or robust cardboard to protect them from damage in transit. For special fragile items we attach a red sticker “Fragile” to make sure they are handled with care while in transit. You will always receive you package in appropriate wrapping and it is your responsibility to dispose of this in an environmentally friendly fashion.


We aim to process all orders and dispatch all products within 2 business days after receipt of your complete order and payment. All items will be dispatched by one of the internationally recognised couriers. Most items are delivered in the UK within 7 working days after dispatch (depending on the size and quantities of your order) delivery to other countries can take up to 14 working days.


If you change your mind in the first 14 days after receipt of the item you can return it to us, provided it has not been used and it is in the same condition, and we will issue a full refund of your payment upon receipt of the item back from you. To be eligible for a refund, you need to notify us via email / phone within 14 days of receipt that you intend to return the item, in order to receive the return address / return authorisation and send the item back within further 14 days at your cost. Please do ensure we receive the item in the same brand new condition, unused, otherwise it might not be eligible for a full refund and only a partial refund can be given, determined by an assessment of the equipment when we receive it back.

Damage in transit

In an unlikely event when your product is damaged in transit please contact us immediately by email or phone for further instructions within 14 days after receipt of the item. Please note we can not accept any claims for damage after 14 days. If there is any damage then we will ensure that a replacement part or product is delivered as soon as possible.


Electrical equipment such as solar & wind charge controllers and inverters have 1 year warranty, unless stated otherwise in our product description. Warranty for our own “JG Renewables” branded products is provided by JG Renewables Ltd. If we find any defects in our own products within the warranty period, we will repair or replace such products at our discretion free of charge. Warranty for other products is provided by the product manufacturer and terms and conditions of this warranty might be different from our terms and conditions. Full terms and conditions of the warranty can normally be found in the product manual. If you need to use the Warranty for any products purchased from us, then please contact us first at SUPPORT@JGRENEWABLES.COM We will then manage all warranty enquiries and ensure that the correct actions are taken by the manufacturers.

JG Renewables solar panels are covered by 1 year workmanship warranty in relation to assembly, materials and accessories (connection, cables, diodes, frame etc). In addition, there’s a separate performance warranty on solar cells provided by solar cells manufacturers. Most manufacturers of solar cells we use for our solar panels provide the standard industry warranty, which is that solar cells are guaranteed to produce at least 90% of nominal power in 10 years and 80% of nominal power in 20 years.

If you suspect a product defect within the warranty period, please contact us via email with a detailed description of the problem. If the problem cannot be solved remotely and an examination is required, you will be asked to send the item back to us for testing at your cost. If we are involved into repair / replacement of the product and the problem is covered by the warranty, we will return the repaired / replaced item to you at our cost.


We always communicate with our customers in a polite, ethical and professional manner. We expect the same from our customers when they communicate with us over the phone, electronically (email) or in writing. While we understand that certain situations, such as a courier’s failure to deliver on time or a problem with our product may be stressful, it is also our duty to protect the safety and well-being of our staff. For this reason our company has an Unacceptable Communication Policy which is set out below.

Our staff will not tolerate communication from customers which we consider unacceptable, such as:

  • threatening, coercive or intimidating approach to resolve a problem
  • aggressive, abusive or offensive language or behaviour
  • unreasonable persistency, urgency or unjustified demands

If a customer communicates with us in an unacceptable manner, the first action of our staff will be to give a warning and ask the customer to change their approach or language accordingly. If the customer continues in this unacceptable manner, employees will terminate the conversation (if over the phone) or not reply to any further written or electronic (email) communication.

If the behaviour of the customer is extreme and it threatens the immediate safety and well-being of our staff, we will be forced to terminate communications without warning and if required, proceed by involving the police or taking legal action.


We are here to support our customers and provide the best service possible, if there are any further queries or concerns regarding your order, please feel free to contact us using the contact page or – support@jgrenewables.com