1st post!

Hey everyone!

We are now open and starting this new business!

I would like to introduce myself first, my name is Jake, I am the founder of the company and after wanting to make a difference in the world, I decided to take action and try to offer cleaner, cheaper energy to all.

I am an Engineer by trade and started working as an Instrument Technician in the oil and gas industry and after seeing the horrific waste and excess of that industry. I realised that I did not want that to continue and felt that the energy sector can do better.

Then after getting my first home over 5 years ago, I woke up to the huge expense and even realised the massive profits that the energy companies make, through dealings with them as part of my career. Therefore when I was completing my engineering degree, I found myself spending a year researching renewables, renewable technology and even backing the CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) projects that were starting at the time.

After 9 years in the energy sector and working across all kinds of equipment from Gas plants and Gas Compressors to Solar and Wind renewable packages. I found my calling with an idea that more renewables and solar packages in businesses and residential areas would only help with the growing energy shortage that we are facing and producing more cleaner energy for a brighter future.

A year on from then, my dream is finally realised as our team have been able to piece together that even the renewable sector are able to make a fair amount of money on their renewable packages. We have been able to pull together and resource large distributors to our side, allowing us here at JG Renewables to offer renewables at wholesale prices, meaning that you pay what most suppliers pay their manufacturers, removing the price increase and allowing YOU to have a piece of the pie and get a solar package for your home, which will allow you to reduce your Carbon Footprint, Reduce your Energy Bills, even MAKE MONEY back from the energy companies  (much sooner then you would think) and all while enhancing the future landscape of energy generation and improving the future for everyone.

We have also included all the information you need on getting started, getting funded and or paid by the government for generating your own electricity  and getting a certified installer.

I look forward to starting this journey with you and have some crazy goals in mind for the future, including social projects and cleaning the air.

If you have any questions regarding the products we offer, please contact us and I or one of the team will be in touch, to answer your question and assist you in taking charge of your energy bills.

There is never a better to start than now….

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