We are a new Renewables start up, that have a mission of reducing the price of renewables for everyone, whether you are a business owner or someone who is tired of paying extortionate home energy bills and is looking for a cost effective way to enter the renewables market. That is our Company mission, to offer Renewable Technology and Systems at wholesale prices, allowing you to enter the renewable market in an affordable fashion. This allows you to reduce your bills, pay off the initial investment sooner and avoid paying over the top prices for your renewable solution.

We are a small company, based in Yorkshire and County Durham but have managed to build a network of distributors and wholesalers across the EU and beyond who support our mission and therefore we are able to source the same Renewables as you will buy anywhere else, while getting it affordably and passing the savings onto you.

We offer our services worldwide and are able to link up with distributors worldwide, so where ever you are, we will be able to ship and supply you.

If there is any equipment or product you are specifically looking for that we do not have available on our store, then please contact us and we will be sure to assist you and get you what you need.

If you have any queries regarding our services again please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have also linked below where you can find a local approved Installers for your NEW RENEWABLES PACKAGE and the information from the UK Government regarding the schemes and discounts available to you for installation and use of your new renewable system.

OR if you are feeling confident, you can just fit it yourself, most of our packs are suitable for DIY installation and if you are unsure, then just ask us.

Thank you again for visiting our website, we hope you find what you are looking for and look forward to helping you start your journey to cleaner, friendlier and cost effective energy.


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Here are the links for the current schemes and funding that is available to you, when you invest in a renewable package. Please note that you also have to apply to the government for the export tariff (to get money back for the electricity you feed into the grid).

UK Government:

Feed In Tariff – Energy back into the Grid


Solar Energy Calculator – Calculate the Financial Benefits for Installing a Solar Package



Here we have listed where and how to find a qualified Installer for your new Renewables package.

So once you have bought from us, all you need to do is click here, find a local MCS CERTIFIED INSTALLER and book the installation with them.


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*Please ensure that upon installation you receive an MCS Certificate from your certified installer and keep this safe as you will need this when dealing with any FIT or selling your home.*

**All of our products are MCS certified and sourced from MCS Certified Manufacturers to MCS Standards and are ready to be used in the EU and elsewhere abroad. Please enquire for country specific Certifications elsewhere in the world.**